TEMAI is involved in the development of the “Mission System” inside of the project


ENJAMBRE is focused in three priorities of the National Security Strategy: management of migratory flows, protection in emergency situations and disasters, and maritime security, in which the private sector can support the public sector by providing innovative services that foster the cooperation between both sectors.

Thanks to the radical change that is assuming the inclusion of technology RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) in the field of civil aviation we can imagine a new service incorporating the advantages that bring these new technologies.

The Project objective is to develop a new service for Emergency Critical Missions onshore and offshore that will allow manned and unmanned aircraft to operate in the same airspace in a cooperative and secure way, dedicating unmanned aircraft to undertake the observation tasks (e.g. search, detection, recognition) to support the decision making process (e.g. evaluation) and the intervention tasks developed by the manned aircraft (e.g. firefight, evacuation, etc.).

The development of this service is expected to provide important benefits by reducing the investment and the costs derived from operations and maintenance, while increasing the coverage, efficiency and safety of emergency critical operations.

The effort, led by Babcock, PildoLabs, Coremain, Álava Ingenieros and TEMAI, and  OPIs FADA-CATEC, UA, UCO, UPC, ULE, has provided a new concept of operations for such operations that sets the grounds for the implementation in the subsequent years of the systems that will allow an integrated solution, developing a project for 4 years with a budget of 9.890.775€.

ENJAMBRE, identified with the number IDI-20141236 is co-financed by the Spanish Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), a Public Business Entity that fosters the technological development and innovation of Spanish companies, in the frame of the CIEN call with FEDER funds through the Smart Growth Operative Program.