Engineering development Centre

TEMAI has means and expert professionals to design and develop electronics, software and mechanical with the main tools employed in aeronautics such as Altium Designer, Code Warriors, LabView, CATIA…

Electronics Laboratory

TEMAI has an electronic laboratory with the most advanced tools to develop, test and verify their designs.

Manufacturing FAL

TEMAI has the means to manufacture their products with the most exhaustive quality controls.

TEMAI is in process of POA EASA Part 21 certification.

Electronics Laboratory (MIL-STD 704)

TEMAI has the means to test their designs in compliance with aeronautical electrical standards such as MIL-STD 704.

Environmental Test Centre (DO-160)

TEMAI has a center to perform environmental tests of standard DO-160. TEMAI has the capacities to perform temperature, altitude, load and vibration tests.