Hot Forming

Vacuum Hot Forming Machine TMHF

For parts manufacturing by conforming thermoplastic or composite sheet applying heat by means of heathers, and forming piece between molding utile and a membrane forcing the sheet to get the utile form by making vacuum below the Silicon or Latex membrane. When reached fluent sheet material temperature, is applied vacuum in a progressive way between membrane and table forcing this way the membrane and material sheet to take the form of forming utile, after conformed takes place a cooling cycle by blowing external air through Heather Box and then finishing the full cycle.

Vacuum Composite Compaction Table with Tooling Preheating MCCV

MCCV simplify you composite conforming process integrating tooling preheating and vacuum table. Has a spacious drawer where you can preheat at a maximun temeperature of 60ºC your tools, up to 60 Kg, before compaction process. Its 4 wheels made it portable. Is preapared to connect it to your shop vacuum line and its latex membrane that supports up to 100ºC made it a durable tool.

Portable Repair

TMCOMP42 AGE for Composite Hot Bonding.

TEMAI TMCOMP42 AGE is used in Airbus A320, A330, A350 to perform Composite Repairs at structures with one or two simultaneous cycles over 2 different zones, applying vacuum and heat through silicon heaters, with fine adjustment of parameters and easy to be adjusted. During repairing process, the equipment allows the control , monitoring and storage of all temperatures, vacuum pressure and time to follow precisely programmed cycle, making a perfect curing of composites

TMCOMP52 AGE for Composite Hot Bonding.

TEMAI TMCOMP52 AGE is the upgraded version of TMCOMP42. Aditionally to the characterictis of the previous model, it can be powered through 2x16A(Shuko connection) @ 230V or 32A(3P+N+E connection) @400V and has 2 outputs of 32A. The control is more tuneable with PID parameters and detect vacuum bag leaks with its double pressure sensor.

TMMC6Z Multizone composites curing and repair temperature and vacuum controller

TMMC6Z is a six zones general purpose temperature and vacuum controller equipment for Composite damaged structures.
Six independent PID loops and SSR phase controlled 0 to 100% power regulation, allow for accurate management of each control zone different thermal behavior, i.e. different heat dissipation, heated mass…
The advanced software package in the TMMC6Z has been designed by and for curing and repair process specialist and can easily be managed by operators fromthe first try.