TEMAI is part of TASI-UAS project (with TTI Norte, ABIONICA and CATUAV), which objective is the development of new technologies for UAS flights.


The TEMAI objectives are:


Design of an electrical distribution system with new technologies and adapted to the needs of the UAS. TEMAI will design and develop a new range of electrical distribution systems that make use of SSPC (Solid State Power Controllers) technology adapted to the specific needs of the specific category of UAS and that in the future may be approved by the authorities as part of a certification process for medium-risk operations. In addition, TEMAI intends with the TASI-UAS project to work on new designs that minimize the size and weight of the systems to get as close as possible to the needs of this new UAS sector.


Increase experience in the design of intelligent management system for UAS. The diversity of UAS configurations, with platforms not only fixed or rotary wing, but also VTOL with new configurations, favor the combination of new energy sources (fuel cells, generators, batteries, etc.) that must be combined in one intelligent way of being able to cover the needs of operation in the different phases of the flight. This system will be composed of an electrical distribution module and a regulation module, allowing a very versatile design that allows it to adapt to the wide variety of needs of the different types of UAS.

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